Sphaeromorphaea Australis Epaltes Native Daisy Seeds


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Sphaeromorphaea Australis Epaltes Native Daisy Seeds

Packet of 200+ tiny little native seeds!

This hardy little native daisy is found all through New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia. It is also native to China Taiwan and India and apparently is is used medicinally but unfortunately I haven’t been able to track down what for exactly?

While the plant lacks in flashy petals most other daisies have, it more than makes up for it with the unusual red flowers and serrated succulent leaves.

The shiny leaves and multifaceted flowers make it really hard to get a good picture but trust me when I say it looks really cool, way better than my dodgy pictures show.

This is one of the first species to colonise my dry rocky dam each year, and while even grasses struggle to get a foot hold this little fella has no trouble at all.

It isn’t effected by any insect pests that I have noticed, and it throws down roots all along it’s branches making a lush green and red carpet that would make a great lawn replacement I reckon.

Unlike a lot of other species, it also grows right under our gum trees and it seems to be unaffected by the alliopathic chemicals they produce.
Eucalyptus, Corymbia and Angophora species are antisocial bastards and they make complex chemicals to prevent other plants from germinating, or if they do sprout it makes the seedlings sick and weak, so it’s often hard to grow things near and especially under them.
Not an issue at all with this fella.

It is commonly know as native daisy or spreading nut heads, and it was also know by the following botanic names at one time or another.

Artemisia chrysanthemum, Artemisia littoralis, Epaltes hirsuta, Epaltes littoralis, Erigerodes australe, Sphaeromorphaea australis, Sphaeromorphaea petiolaris, and many folks in Australia still call it Epaltes australis.

It’s only a short plant, normally ankle high and it makes a great space filler.
Super easy to germinate. All you do is get some sandy soil, sprinkle the seeds on to, wet them and keep them in a warmish place. Partial sunlight is best as the seedlings are tiny to start with, barely even visible.
After they get a few leaves on them they can handle anything and they thrive in full sun or heavily shaded areas.

They send down roots where ever the plant touches the ground and they grow from cuttings really easily too.
I’m really surprised the big box garden centres like Bunnings are not selling them already to be honest?
They are the ideal ground cover and very easy to mass produce.
They also handle foot traffic well as all the damaged or bruised areas root immediately making the growth denser and softer to the touch.

Anyway, there you have it.
A lovely little native daisy with unusual red flowers and serrated leaves.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!