Purple Shamrock Clover Oxalis Triangularis Regnellii Bulbs


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Purple Shamrock Clover Oxalis Triangularis Regnellii Bulbs

Packet containing 5 small clusters of bulblets!

Each one of these clusters has at least 5 actual bulbs in it, which gives you a total of more than 25 potential plants.
You could break them up further but that will also damage and kill a couple so I reckon just treat them like 5 plants to start with.
I’ve seen the crazy prices other folks sell these bulbs for ($40-$155.00 when I just looked on eBay a minute ago)but considering how easy they are to grow I just can’t justify jacking up the price to those crazy levels.

On arrival stick one cluster per pot planted just below the soil surface in a nice free draining sandy soil mix, water only when dry, can’t really go wrong?
Like I say, here in 4671 QLD Australia I’ve never had a failure in all the years I’ve been growing them.

Once they have been in the dirt for a few months and are pumping out the leaves you can start to dig them up and divide them further.
See the picture of the roots, that’s only ~3 months of growth and it’s already enough bulb like roots to start many dozens of new plants with.
If you don’t divide them they form a thick carpet of purple leaves and pale pink and green flowers.
They do a great job of crowding out the surrounding weeds and the bees love them.
The tuberous root means that they are very drought hardy and if conditions get too bad they just go dormant and wait underground for the rains to come or conditions to improve.

The leaves are edible and look awesome in a salad but keep in mind a lot of the tangy lemony taste is because of the large amount of Vitamin C and Oxalic acid.
In sensible amounts its not an issue for most folks but still shouldn’t make up a large part of the diet as it can block calcium absorption in really high doses.
Beautiful tangy garnish with the leaves and edible flowers in a salad, and the root can be boiled or fried like a small potato or carrot.
The dark purple pigment is because of the huge anthocyanin content and 195mg per 100grams of leaf are the numbers normally quoted.
Bloody heaps when you consider most blueberry only have ~120mg per 100grams of fruit.

Known by heaps of names including Acetosella catharinensis, Acetosella palustris, Acetosella triangularis, Acetosella yapacaniensis, false shamrock, Love Plant, Oxalis, Oxalis catharinensis, Oxalis corumbaensis, Oxalis corymbosa, Oxalis delta, Oxalis Francis, Oxalis glaberrima, Oxalis oxyptera, Oxalis palustris, Oxalis papilionacea, Oxalis regnellii, Oxalis tenuis, Oxalis tenuiscaposa, Oxalis triangularis, Oxalis triangularis subsp. papilionacea, Oxalis venturiana, Oxalis vernalis, Oxalis yapacaniensis, Purple Passion, Purple Shamrock, Purple Wood Sorrel, Triangular wood sorrel, Red clover, Purple Clover, Wood Sorrel, Wood Sorrel Francis, Red Wood Sorrel etc.

Another cool thing about them is that they fold and close all their leaves at night, opening them all again in the morning.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chemicals, no nasties, no problems!!!

NOT FOR WESTERN AUSTRALIA or TASMANIA due to added expense and drama involved.

If you decide to try and buy anyway, this item will not be sent. 🙂