Orange Spade Flower Hybanthus Stellarioides Seeds


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Orange Spade Flower Hybanthus Stellarioides Seeds

Packet of 15+ home grown native seeds!

Host plant to the glasswing butterfly, this fella was once known as Hybanthus enneaspermus.
It is actually a violet of sorts, just a very unique looking one.
It is easy to grow and pretty common in bushland that hasn’t been heavily grazed or logged.
Unfortunately bushland that hasn’t been overgrazed of logged is getting rarer by the day and that’s why I reckon it’s important that these kinds of “common” species are promoted as widely as possible.
We probably can’t save much of the old bush from molestation, but we can go a tiny little way towards recreating it, providing habitat for the critters, and pretty flowers for us folks to enjoy, all at the same time.

Anyway, enough eco-ranting, on to the plant.
It has five petals, but the only one you can really see is the big bright orange one.
There are two tiny spur like ones at the top of the flower stem, and the other remaining two are so small they are completely hidden from sight.
I love the look of it, unique is an understatement!

It has tiny pods that split open into three segments when ripe, dropping nine tiny little seeds.
These small pointed creamy white coloured seeds germinate just as reliably as the other more common violets do.

Surface sow in a sandy soil, water in then keep moist, you really can’t go wrong.
This makes me think they should be more widely available and since none of the big guys were doing it I figured I better sell a few packs myself!

They grow from Sydney to the tip of Queensland and for that reason I can’t see why they couldn’t be grown anywhere in Australia with a little careful planning.

Sandy well draining soils and partial shade is best, though some of mine in pots sitting in full sun and it hasn’t been a drama, they just look a bit sad in the middle of the hottest days.

Flowering occurs all through Spring~Summer and Autumn too here, and the plants will send up new shoots when the old ones finish.
They also self-seed around the mother plants and the few plants you get from me will be a dense little patch in no time at all.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!