Monstera Adansonii Swiss Cheese Vine Philodendron Cutting


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Monstera Adansonii Swiss Cheese Vine Philodendron Cutting

Packet containing 1x cutting ~30cm long with at least 3 nodes!

This plant is also known by the synonum Monstera friedrichsthalii and under this no longer valid botanical name it is sold for some pretty high prices.
Monstera adansonii = Monstera friedrichsthalii.
They are exactly the same species so just save a buck and buy this fella from me instead.

Another name I see it being sold under is Monstera obliqua.
This is NOT Monstera obliqua and anyone that says it is has been mislead themselves, or much more likely is just straight up trying to rip you off.
This includes the country wide big box hardware stores and garden centres that really should know better…

The true Monstera obliqua is not widely available anywhere in the world and the price tag for them is ~$AU1000.00 for a single node!
This is due to their extreme rarity, the difficulty in keeping them alive(needs extreme humidity and specific soil conditions), and most of importantly the super super slow growth.
It has only ever been cataloged and collected from the wild 17times EVER and if you reckon that some doofus on eBay, Etsy or Facebook has quality Monstera obliqua cuttings for a price you can afford then I know of a nice bridge in Sydney you might also be interested in…

Other names it is known as include Calla dracontium, Calla pertusa, Dracontium pertusum, Monstera adansonii, Monstera ecuadorensis, Monstera friedrichsthalii, Monstera imrayana, Monstera jacquinii, Monstera macrophylla, Monstera oblique, Monstera obliqua var expilata, Monstera pertusa, Monstera pertusa f. jacquinii, Monstera pertusa var. jacquinii, Monstera pinnatifida, Monstera pitterii, Monstera seemannii, Philodendron pertusum, Philodendron monstera oblique, Tornelia laniata, or just Swiss Cheese Plant.

Whatever you want to call it, it’s a great plant that really thrives indoors or outdoors in a warm shady moist position.
I don’t have any of that here at home so I grow it in full sun in a harsh dry position and it still survives ok, just the leaves get a bit burnt here and there, and the growth is a little slower with the heat stress.
It’s also super easy to propigate and in my experince every single node reliably throws roots.
Just poke them into a sandy well draining soil, water regularly, that’s all I do and it works great for me.

The cutting you are buying will be around ~30cm long and it will have at least three nodes.
Nodes are the joint in the stem(think bamboo) and each node has an area that a new leaf and several roots can emerge from if given the right conditions.
Plant the end with the roots one or two nodes deep and leave the rest sticking out until it has established.

Once it has you can wrap the vine around a branch or up a wall and just let it do it’s thing.
Or, you can then bury the exposed section of vine in a separate pot beside it leaving the tip exposed.
After about a month the vine joining the two pots together can be cut and you now have two individual plants!
This can be repeated forever if you want like is done with commercial strawberry runners.
Like I say, it’s a super easy to grow plant!

Be aware that the leaves of the cutting you are buying may be removed if large(to lower the evaporative stress on the vine) or if small and immature they may be damaged and rot in transit.
In both cases that has bugger all bearing on it’s ability to just grow more once you get it potted up on arrival.
The stem and root is all you need to get started and the plant will often shed all leaves from stress in the beginning anyway.
Later it will grow bigger more elaborate ones from new shoots radiation out around the base of the plant.

BTW, this is not an edible species.
The edible “Swiss cheese plant” is the very closely related Monstera deliciosa(also called fruit salad plant). It is huge and very slow growing in comparison.
Although I grow it too just because, it’s kinda overrated I reckon tasting of pineapple, green underripe banana, fading out to just an unsettling furry prickly tingling sensation on the tongue and throat. Not a fan, but regardless that is not this strictly ornamental fella that I am selling.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chemicals, no nasties, no problems!!!

NOT FOR WESTERN AUSTRALIA or TASMANIA due to added expense and drama involved.

If you decide to try and buy anyway, this item will not be sent. 🙂