Lobularia Maritima Alyssum Maritimum Sweet Alison Seeds


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Lobularia Maritima Alyssum Maritimum Sweet Alison Seeds

Packet of 150+ freshly harvested organically grown seeds.

This beautiful little fella is a great choice for cottage gardens providing repeated blooms of tiny white flowers.

Its a very hardy species handling the hot dry conditions we get here without any issues.
The native bees love them and they provide a delicate sweet aroma to the garden.
They self-seed with ease and need very little care, just the occasional watering.

Originally native to the Mediterranean, Canary Islands, Azores and France where it commonly grows on beaches and sand dunes.

Commonly called Sweet Alison, because of its delicate flowers and sweet aroma, or Sea Alyssum because of its native habitat and ability to handle coastal conditions.

It was also once known by the syn. Alyssum maritimum with the new name of Lobularia maritima being considered correct these days.

That’s pretty much it I guess?
If you want a pretty little white flowering plant that is hardy and self-seeds with ease, then this is a great choice!

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!