Candy Stripe Cosmos Bipinnatus Seeds


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Candy Stripe Cosmos Bipinnatus Seeds

Packet of 50+ seeds of these little beauties, plenty to get you started!

Really easy to grow, no pests or diseases we have experienced apart from the roos having the odd nibble.

Best grown in Spring, Summer and Autumn, but we can stretch it out all through Winter too here!

Just start them in a warm spot then move them outside when they are an inch or so high.

Unlike the Orange Cosmos, which can get 2m+high, this variety of Cosmos flower stays a sensible knee to waist high. Even flowering and prolific over a very long time.

It self-seeds super easily too, so we like to spread them around in pumpkins and vines like in the picture. Looks much more civilized and massively increases the pollinating insects at the same time.

Great flower for adding instant colour to a bare patch in the garden and super easy to look after!

Huge variation in bloom too, from deep, dark reds, through to pale lilac, purple, pinks with the majority like the “Candy Striped” pattern. Always several interesting patterns all at once on the one plant!

I really like it, and it’s especially great to plant just after weeding a new garden bed. It grows much quicker than most weeds so it crowds them out, giving the other useful plants a chance to compete, and when the time comes it is easier to “weed” than the real weeds!

Very easy to transplant and if you sprinkle it around when you plant out your veggies, it will massively help with pollination of your other crops.

The native bees love it!

Grown organically by me and the Mrs, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!