Popcorn Peanut Butter Cassia Senna Didymobotrya Seeds


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Popcorn Peanut Butter Cassia Senna Didymobotrya Seeds

Packet of 15+ home grown seeds!

This fella is commonly called Popcorn Cassia as it smells just like the artificial flavouring popcorn butter you get at the movie theaters and cinemas.

Other folks call it Peanut butter cassia, but I reckon they must have broken noses as to me it smells super strongly of buttered popcorn, the delicious chemical laden artificial flavoured bright fluoro yellow stuff.
Nothing else comes close to being similar, let alone bloody peanut butter…

I love the smell of it, and as a bonus its also a very attractive looking plant too.
Bright yellow flowers and golden brown buds, long flat seed pods and frilly Flame Tree type foliage.
It’s a beauty!

Easy to grow, just soak the seeds over night in hot but not boiling water.
Boil the kettle, put the seeds in a cup, quickly half fill the cup with boiling water heat stressing the seeds, then immediately fill it to the top with the cold tap water.
Leave the seeds in the now warm water overnight to soak, planting in a nice sandy soil mix as per normal the next day with germination happening within the month for me normally.

Being African originally has meant it is sometimes called African senna, as well as African wild sensitive plant because of its touch sensitive leaves, candelabra tree, peanut butter cassia, peanut butter tree, peanut-butter cassia, popcorn bush, popcorn cassia, popcorn senna, wild senna, oatmeal cassia, grond boontjiebotter kassia, chemagro, Cassia nairobensis, Cassia verdickii, Chamaesenna didymobotrya, and Cassia didymobotrya.

Makes an awesome green manure crop and you can cut the bushes back hard every ~6months or so to improve the surrounding soil and make them bloom prolifically.

The native bees love the flowers and the mulch created from trimmings of these guys is always teeming with worms and life.

If you never trim the plant it will grow to be a small tree a few meters high, but just hack it back a bit in it’s youth and it will bush out nicely forming nice dense bushes a couple meters around instead.
My chooks use them as cover when the eagles, hawks and goannas are around, as do the native forest doves and quail.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties no problems!!!