Plantago Afra Black Psyllium Plantain Seeds


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Plantago Afra Black Psyllium Plantain Seeds

Packet of 200+ seeds of this edible and medicinal species!

Like most members of the genus this fella is most commonly known as Psyllium or just Plantago, but it also has the common names of Psyllium seed, plantain seed, flea seed, Flohsamen, semences de psyllium, glandular plantain, black plantain, fleawort plantain, Flohsamen, Spanish psyllium, Indian psyllium, African plantain, Plantain d’Inde, and occasionally the old synonums of Plantago cynops and Plantain pucier.

It is grown on a huge scale internationally as a high fibre laxative, and as a weight loss supplement, and it definitely works on both accounts.

Basically if you keep eating the same amount of food as per normal, but you add a heap of the seed heads.
The pods naturally high fibre husks bind up your food into a big gluey gelatinous lump.
This makes it harder to digest and absorb nutrients from, while at the same time lubricating the bowel.

That means you just crap it all out, before your body gets a chance to store it as fat.
As long as your food intake doesn’t increase, then because your nutrient intake has decreased, it means you then need to burn fat if you continue the same level of physical expenditure.
Basic maths, you will lose weight.

The young tender leaves and stems don’t have this effect and I use them as you would bean shoots or Asian greens.
Awesome in Vietnamese style noodles or as a green filler in springrolls.

I grow many species of Plantago Seeds and really love them all.
In my rocky dry QLD soil these guys are a real assets and they all make great alternatives to the standard supermarket leafy green vegetables we see commonly in Australia.
Plus the benefits for gut flora are massive in my personal opinion, something I am sure we will see reflected in future studies.

Easy to grow, just mix into the surface of a nice sandy soil mix, keep moist, couple weeks you will have shoots.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!