Liquorice Herb Hierbe de Anise Sweet Irish Lace Tagetes Filifolia


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Liquorice Herb Hierbe de Anise Sweet Irish Lace Tagetes Filifolia

Packet of 25+ seeds from this very rare French herb!

Has a fantastic flavour, super sweet just like Liquorice Allsorts.
Seriously, it tastes just like candy!

It can be grown everywhere as an annual, just start them indoors, or in a sheltered position if it’s really cold where you are.

Has a frilly lace like appearance, hence the other common name of “Irish lace”
Has nearly as much natural, “artificial sweetener” as Stevia, and makes a great tea!

If you like Liquorice Candy, you will love this one!
This is not “Similar” to Liquorice, like Dill, Liquorice Basil, Aniseed and Star Anise are.
This stuff has EXACTLY the same flavour, as a Liquorice Allsort!
Try it yourself!

It’s a relative of the common Marigold, and it grows just as easily.
The leaves, flowers and stems, are all great eaten fresh, made into tea, or used as a flavouring in any baking you may be doing.
I put a couple spoonfuls in my milkshakes every now and then. FANTASTIC!

Lovely looking little plant that my pictures just don’t show very well. The leaves are so fine and delicate, as are the flowers. So delicate in fact, that the flash new camera wouldn’t focus!

It just kept zooming in and out in and out…..drove me nuts, so that picture is as good as I can get.

Awesome stuff, easy to grow, and a total must have for all liquorice lovers!

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!