Lemon Beebalm Bergamot Mint Monarda Citriodora Seeds


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Lemon Beebalm Bergamot Mint Monarda Citriodora Seeds

Packet of 150+ organically grown seeds!

In the US it is normally known as purple horsemint, or Oswego tea(it was used extensively by the Oswego Native Americans) but over here in Australia it is normally called lemon bergamot, common bergamot, lemon beebalm, lemon bee balm, lemon mint, pink flowering mint, purple flowering mint or something along those lines.

Unlike the standard supermarket mint this fella is a fast growing annual and it doesn’t spread by runners meaning it’s much less unruly and can be planted directly into your garden without the worry of it getting away from you or forming huge impenetrable mats of roots.

It is much more drought tolerant too, which is a big plus for us as while traditional mint struggles, these guys do much better.

As the names suggest, it has a nice lemony, minty, refreshing flavour, and it can be used in all the normal ways mint can be. Slightly more citrus notes and much prettier looking, but on the whole it’s pretty similar.
Makes a great tea or cordial, awesome stuffed in baked fish, sauces, goes great in cheesecakes, and a big handful shoved into a bottle of vodka or homebrew hooch really adds some oumph.

In the United States it is a native bee, butterfly and hummingbird attractant species, and I find both the Australian native bees, and the European bees really love the stuff.
So much so that if there are plants, particularly tomatoes or vines that are not getting pollinated or setting fruit well, then I rip out a few handfuls of this and chuck a couple bits near each flower.
It draws the bees from all over and really helps with the pollination.

Because of the high citronella, phenol, citral and thymol content, it has anti-oxidant and antibacterial properties and it has been traditionally used fever, coughs, colds, and breathing problems.
It is also said to be effective for control of intestinal parasites, fleas and mites.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!