Coffee Beans Coffea Arabica Seeds


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Coffee Beans Coffea Arabica Seeds

Packet of  25+ freshly harvested coffee beans!
I am sure everyone knows about this one.
After all it is one of the number one drugs worldwide.
The berries are red and really quite tasty.
Not super sweet or anything but they do make a decent snack.

The plant needs warm climates and here it handles full sun fine.
It does do a bit better in mild moist shady areas but but we don’t really have that here and they still produce bumper crops.
It is best to be quick with this fella as the seeds don’t store well and must be planted straight away.
Please also be aware germination often takes a anywhere from 2 weeks to 8months.
Just how it is with these guys.

Making coffee from your coffee trees.
Attractive white flowers are followed by the red drupes or cherries.
These are picked at the peak of ripeness, the fruit is removed, the seeds are dried, cracked to remove the shell, the beans are roasted, ground and used to make delicious coffee!

I also just like to chew on the dried green beans both for a nice bitter taste and for a boost in energy when I am doing planting or field work.
Take note that they pack a lot more punch when fresh and green compared to older roasted ones.

Grown by us organically, no chems, no nasties, no dramas!!!