Musk Okra Native Hibiscus Abelmoschus Moschatus Seeds


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Musk Okra Native Hibiscus Abelmoschus Moschatus Seeds

Packet of 15+ seeds from this awesome little native plant!

Perfect as a ground cover, it stays sprawling at ankle high in hard conditions and dry, poor soils.
Gets up to about knee high in rick moist loamy soils.
Famed in India as a medicinal and used as a food plant by the Australian Aborigines, this fella really should be better known.

Why have roses or some introduced European stuff when you could have this fella instead?
Leaves are like mallow or okra, and although they look hairy it’s more like a fine velvet.
Flowers look amazing in a salad and look pretty cool and the small thumb sized tubers are ok roasted up too.
That small edible tuber is sitting underground and when conditions get really harsh, or drought sets in it will often die completely back waiting for better times.
Give it a decent water, or wait for the seasonal rains and up it pops again.

The seeds were once commonly used as a substitute in perfumes for animal musk, and the added to coffee they are said to give a rich musky flavour.
Never tried it myself.

Apparently the root mucilage is used on a large scale for paper production and tobacco is sometimes flavoured with the flowers.
It is a pretty major crop is a lot of places and for that reason the list of names is massive.

Called by many different things all around the world, particularly in Asia and the Pacific Islands including, but not limited to, Abelmoschus sagittifolius, Abelmoschus tuberosus, Hibiscus abelmoschus, Hibiscus sagittifolius, Abelmoschus moschatus tuberosus, abelmosk, ambrette seeds, annual hibiscus, bamia moschata, galu gasturi, muskdana, musk mallow, fautia, caamung, kamang, huang kui, karereon, karereon nikapwerik nik, kareron, likonokon, niikapweriik, niikownown, nikapwerik, nikokon, setmwechin, sotumo, annual hibiscus, aukiki, o e e, okeoke, vakeke, wakeke, wakewake, wakiwaki, ambrette, gombo musque, graine de musc, ketmie des marais, ketmie musquee, ryukyu tororo aoi, pukawa, aute, tauriau, vavai tara, vavai tara, vavai tara, vavai tara, fou hele, fou ingo, gongul, kaanth, matai, metei, metey, methey, tehmetei, aute toga, ‘aute toga, fau mageso, fau samasama, fau Tagaloa, fau tagaloa, fau Tagaloa, vavae samoa, te vasivasiakarai, dalupang, kastiokastiokan, kastuli, fautia, foutheea, pukawa, fauingo, loa, hathongethong, fau ingo, kamwayang, musk okra, musk seeds, ornamental okra, rose mallow seeds, tropical jewel hibiscus, Yorka okra, musk okra, muskmallow, musky seeded hibiscus, native rosella, ornamental okra, tropical jewel hibiscus and last but not least, native rosella.

Phew, quite a list hey, yet you hardly ever even see it over here?
Well, now you know where to get some hey!

Grown here organically by me and the Mrs, no chems, no nasties, no dramas!!!