Monkey Rope Vine Parsonia Straminea Seeds


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Monkey Rope Vine Parsonia Straminea Seeds

Packet of 75+ freshly harvested seeds!

These guys are super common growing all the way up the coastline from the bottom of NSW right up through QLD.

The plant itself is a massive aggressive native climbing vine. It attaches itself to trees and follows them right to the top, sometimes even pulling them down by sheer weight.

Apparently the beans and roots are edible, but never tried it myself due to not being able to find a reliable reference source for this information.
If you have one, or know first hand how to prepare them as food I would love to hear about your method!

They germinate easily and once established can grow in just about any soil.
Ideal plant to place at the base of an old dead gum tree over a burnt out shed or along a fence line.

Flowering several times a year they produce a large bean type pod that contains heaps of fluffy seeds. Once fully dry the pod splits and the seeds float away just like dandelion flowers do.

The flowers although small smell quite nice and I really like the look of the plant.

It is also an important host species for many butterflies and insects and in my opinion a very under appreciated native species.

Wild harvested sustainably, no chems, no nasties, no dramas!!!