African Dream Root Xhosa Ubulawa Silene Capensis Undulata Seeds


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African Dream Root Xhosa Ubulawa Silene Capensis Undulata Seeds

Packet of 25+ home grown seeds!

This sacred African plant is known as Ubulawu, Undlela Ziimhlophe, white paths, white ways, gun powder plant, campion, Silene undulata, Silene capensis, Melandrium undulatum and most commonly of all, just African dream root.
I find it a really easy plant to keep alive, and it seems to thrive on my warm climate provided I give it a drink now and then.
Lived through the ~45c days no dramas and handled mild frosts too, the only real issue being grasshoppers occasionally having a chew in the dry times.

Traditionally Xhosa shamans would use the dried powdered roots with water people to whip up a sort of frogs eggs foamy stuff that they would suck off the surface, often large amounts of it.
This would sometimes cause purging and later when they slept, vivid and prophetic dreams and visits from ancestors who would provide answers to questions they may have in their daily lives.

Classed as a oneirogen, it would be taken daily over time and often take a while for strong effects to be noticed.
Most people report little to no effects whilst awake, but an enhanced lucid dream state upon sleeping, and large regular doses over months are said to make this state permanent in some individuals.

Only the bubbles are sucked up, not the brown water underneath, and the bubbles are caused by Sapanoids which are thought to be the active ingredient of the plant. (Lots of poorly understood, traditional medicinal plants contain large amounts of these chemicals, Entada and Mukia species for example.)
The root is dug and dried generally after the second year of growth, and for me the plant flowers and sets seeds at about ~6months of growth.

The flowers are really beautiful, but they only open at night, that’s the reason for my poor quality pictures.
The seed pods are like an open mouthed gourd, and the slightest breeze or bump of the plant rattles them around spilling the seeds.
That is the main reason for their rarity in Australia I reckon, bit of a hassle to harvest.
The design on the pod looks really cool, like a veiny alien egg or something out of a sci-fi movie.
I love its history, I love its look, I love its rarity and its hardiness.
Quite a cool plant, and although I don’t recommend consumption in any way, it is a really cool choice for the collection!

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!