Long Winter Melon Wax Gourd Benincasa Hispida Seeds


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Long Winter Melon Wax Gourd Benincasa Hispida Seeds

Packet of 10+ organically grown seeds!

I love these guys. They are just a really big melon on a vine like a cucumber, but I reckon they need to be much more common here in Australia than they currently are.

Very common in Asia and Europe where they are called white gourd, winter gourd, ash gourd, ash pumpkin, Chinese preserving melon, Chinese watermelon, Chinese winter melon, tallow gourd, white gourd, white pumpkin, winter melon, calabaza blanca, calabaza China, benincasa, Courge a la cire, courge cireuse, pasteque de Chine, bai dong gua, dong gua, yin dong gua, voksagurk, prugelkurbis, wachskurbis, kushmanda, petha, pethaa, kundor, kundur, zucca della cera, tougan, kubiindo, kubindo, abobora d agua, calabaza brana, faeng, mafak khom, mafak mon, mafak mon khom, bí bee, bí dao, calabaza, wax gourd, fuzzy melon, hairy melon, Chinese squash, Chinese moqua, Chinese vegetable marrow, moqua, zit-kwa, doan gwa, or the synonyms Benincasa cerifera, Benincasa hispida, Cucurbita hispida, Gymnopetalum septemlobum, Benincasa vacua, Cucurbita farinosa, Cucurbita littoralis, Cucurbita vacua, Cucurbita villosa, Lagenaria dasistemon, Lagenaria siceraria var. hispida, Benincasa cylindrica, Benincasa hispida var. chieh-qua, Benincasa hispida var. hispida, Benincasa pruriens, Benincasa pruriens f. hispida, Cucurbita alba, Cucurbita pruriens, Lagenaria dasystemon, Lagenaria leucantha var. clavata, Lagenaria leucantha var. hispida, Lagenaria vulgaris var. hispida, and no doubt a few others too.
Awesome whatever you call them!

They can be enjoyed many different ways and this long form is really quite productive.

I sell the other more stockier rounder type fruit with rounded edged seeds too. Chuck “melon” in the search box up the top right hand side of every page if you want a look at them and all the other cool melons we sell.

On par with hairy melon, or pumpkins when young, but with a pure white flesh and waxy coating on the skin that prevents insect attack.

Eaten raw it is really refreshing with the texture of watermelon when fully ripe or green coconut when immature.
The flavour is very mild and not sugary sweet. Just crisp, juicy and delicious!

I eat heaps in the summer heat, and despite being “Winter melons”, they can be grown all year round here at 4671 Queensland Australia.

The store very well with friends in China saying they regularly keep them for a year or more.

You can cook and eat the flowers and the shoots just like zucchini, pumpkin, and squash. Fried with a little garlic and sesame or chilli or soy sauce they are awesome!

The fruit can be left to mature to an enormous size, then diced for stews, curries, soups and I am telling you now, it’s fantastic in a roast!
Absorbs all the rich meaty goodness, without sucking up the fat!

For all intents and purposes they are just a cooler, rarer, savoury vegetable until they get about 30cms/12inches long.

After that the flesh firms up a bit, goes pure white, and the skin gets a cool waxy coating that protects the delicious flesh from bug attack.

That’s when the texture and flavour become more melony. Still not sweet mind you, very little sugar at all, just crisp and refreshing.

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!