Sweet Leaf Stevia Rebaudiana Seeds


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Sweet Leaf Stevia Rebaudiana Seeds

Packet of 20+ fresh home grown seeds!

These seeds are best planted straight away as they don’t store for years the way many more common herbs and vegetables do.

This awesome plant is really gaining popularity in OZ these days after more than 1,500 years of medicinal use in Paraguay and Brazil.
30+years of common use in Japan as a natural sweetener.

The massive sugary sweet punch the steviol glycosides, stevioside and rebaudioside pack, is up to 150x sweeter than refined cane sugar, so just a tiny pinch goes a long way!

Great for diabetics, those watching their weight or just plain old sweet-tooths like me!

I have cut my coffee and sugar intake a lot lately, but back in the day I liked my coffee super strong.
1heaped tablespoon coffee, 1heaped tablespoon sugar, lots of milk. My brain just wouldn’t function without it…
One of the ways I was tapering off was to ditch the tablespoon of sugar, and just use half a fresh Stevia leaf instead.
Worked awesome and it is equally nice in tea or cordials.

Great in a soy based marinade for cooking meat and vegetables.
Being stable at high temperatures(unlike sugars and syrups which burn, become bitter and go black) it is ideal.
It also adds a real complexity to the flavours at the same time.
Most of the prepacked marinated chicken wings and chops your get in the big chain supermarkets and butchers use it for this reason, and you may be eating it all the time without even realizing.

Goes well with every salad and pasta dish I can think of, and I’m always stripping the plants for a munch while I’m gardening.

There are NO reported health risks with eating Stevia plant or fresh leaves that I can find anywhere.(feel free to correct me.)
But yeah, none that I can find after hours and hours of research, not even one!
You can’t say that for artificial sweeteners and you definitely can’t say that for sugar!!!

Sprinkle the seeds on loose sandy soil mix and water as per normal.
Some folk say it’s hard to grow these guys, but I have never had any problems?
Stuff comes up like a weed around the mother plants too once you get it established which is a real bonus.

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!