Sweet Leaf Stevia Rebaudiana Seeds


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Sweet Leaf Stevia Rebaudiana Seeds

Packet of 50+Seeds!

This awesome plant is really gaining popularity in OZ these days after more than 1,500 years of medicinal use in Paraguay and Brazil. 30+years of common use in Japan as a natural sweetener.

The massive sugary sweet punch the plant packs, is 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar, so just a pinch goes a long way!

Great for diabetics, those watching their weight or just plain old sweet-tooths like me!

I use it in tea and coffee, just half a fresh leaf dropped in the cup instead of my usual tablespoon of sugar.

(I like my coffee strong. 1tablespoon coffee, 1tablesppon sugar, lots of milk. My brain just doesn’t work without it unfortunately……)

Great in a soy based marinade for cooking meat. Doesn’t burn at high temps like sugar and honey do, so it adds a real complexity to the flavours.

Goes well with every salad, and I’m always stripping the plants for a munch when I’m gardening.

There are NO reported health risks with eating Stevia plant that I can find anywhere.
None, not even one!

You can’t say that for artificial sweeteners and you definitely can’t say that for sugar!!!

Now as you can see from the above picture, it’s a fine little seeds like a dandelion, so sorting it is a bit harder than most of our other varieties.

You will absolutely definitely get 50+seeds, but most have quite a bit more.

There is a small amount of “down or fluff” from the flower and leaf dust too, as it was impossible to separate by hand.

If that’s at all upsetting to you in any way, please don’t buy it…

Sprinkle the seeds on loose soil in pots and water as per normal. Some folk say it’s hard to grow these guys, but I have never had any problems? Stuff comes up like a weed around the mother plants once you get it established.

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!