Shona Cabbage Cleome Gynandra African Spider Plant Seeds


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Shona Cabbage Cleome Gynandra African Spider Plant Seeds

Packet of 75+ home grown organic seeds!

This guy is an awesome little annual pot herb.
Known as shona cabbage, African cabbage, spiderwisp, cat’s whiskers, chinsaga, African spider plant, cat’s whisker’s, spider flower, feuilles caya, mozambe, volatin, masambey, jasmin de rio, wild spinach, vaminta, vayinta, marathi, chinsaga, dek, shwetahudhude, phak sian, munyevhe, ulude, white massambee, spider-wisp, small spider flower or even just Spinach in many parts of Africa.

Being originally from Africa it is ideally suited to Queensland, and here at home it thrives all year round.
I have no personal experience down south myself, but I do know it is also being grown in NSW, VIC and SA as a vegetable too.

It’s fine delicate flowers and thin seed pods look really ornamental and are very hard to focus on for a picture so just trust me when I say it looks very pretty, especially when mass planted.

The plant is great added to whatever you are cooking and everything above the ground can be cooked up for a feed.
If you begin harvesting when they are young you can get a few feeds out of each plant.
If you let every 5th plant mature and set seeds you never even have to do any replanting.
The act of harvesting nearby plants knocks the pods and the seeds sow themselves pretty much.

Makes a great plant for filling in a gap short term while waiting for a slower crop to mature.
I like to sprinkle a few here and there in the pumpkin and melon rows.
That way the whole plot is being used, not sitting unproductive for months while you wait for the vines to grow and set fruit.

These guys are ready to start harvest in about a month and they need no inputs at all to still provide a decent crop of leaves.
They provide a feed long before and long after the melons are finished, and despite being small short lived plants their productivity and endless self-seeding makes them very very valuable to me.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!