Pak Choi Canton White Brassica Rapa Seeds


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Pak Choi Canton White Brassica Rapa Seeds

Packet of 250+ seeds from this very versatile asian vegetable.

I’m sure you guys have seen it in the Asian supermarkets under a whole host of other names. Bok Choy, Bai Cai, Bai Tsai, Cai Trang, Chinese cabbage, Pe Tsai, Pechey or even Bak Choi.

It’s really gaining popularity due to the sweet, juicy, mild flavour, and very high vitamin content.

Super easy to grow, being a mustard green, and this one in particular is perfect for our high summer temperatures and low rainfalls.

Don’t get me wrong, it loves a bit of water and cooler climates than mine, but it can also handle the hot dry times we get here better than a lot of the other Asian green vegetables that we have tried.

This is the “Canton white” variety, not the Dwarf, Chinese, or the green stem hybrids. It breeds true to form so what you see is what you get, and you can save your seeds and grow your own next time too.

Large, white stemmed, drought tolerant, crisp and crunchy, very productive leafy vegetable.

If you get a bumper crop and want to store some for later you can cut the leaves and soak them in a brine over night, then hang in a cool dry place.

They will store like that for months and months and it’s a traditional way to provide green vegetables during the long harsh, Chinese winters.

Makes a pretty good pickled vegetable or Kimchi too!

You can start pick from about the 6th leaf onwards, or wait until they get really big and cut them off about 3cm from the base. If you do that about every second or third plant will reshoot and give you another crop in a month or so.

Pretty handy vegie this one!

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!