Large Leaf Mustard Brassica Juncea Seeds


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Large Leaf Mustard Brassica Juncea Seeds

Packet of 50+ home grown seeds of this tasty Asian leafy green.

This variety was originally acquired from China and has been grown over for many generations.
We have been organically growing here for several years now and we have been selecting for maximum leaf growth before bolting, and for ability to handle our hot dry climate.

We have always used the fast bolting plants for cooking and kept the slow bolters for seed production. (Bolting is producing seed then dying)
In that way we are constantly improving this unusual breed of Asian vegetable from generation to generation.
I reckon its pretty near perfect at this stage!

Most commercially grown leaf mustards are fast, and as a side-effect they are also fast to set seed(bolt) and not much good for long season growing as a leafy vegetable, like home gardeners like us want.
This cultivar is the exception!

It looks more like a Wombok, Hakusai or Chinese cabbage when mature, but instead of watery sweet, it is sweet spicy hot and it has a real wasabi, pepper, horseradish kick to it.
Great when eaten fresh in sandwiches with corned meats or pickles.

When cooked like any other leafy green, the hot spicy flavour turns to a mild sweetness.
Physical heat, like stir frying or streaming kills its spicy “Heat”.
It has no spice to it at all when cooked for a couple minutes, and it tastes much better than any other Brassica species in my humble opinion.

High yields, Long harvest life(remove leaves from the bottom of the plant as needed), and BUGS DON’T LIKE IT!!!

When all our broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage got nearly wiped out by 3rd instar grasshoppers(that seemed to be totally resistant to chilli/garlic spray!) the large leaf Mustard, only got very minor damage.

It can be chopped up and frozen in portions ready to chuck in a stirfry.
Makes a very good kimchi.
Perfect for wrapping rice vegetables or mince in for steaming or even poaching in a broth.
Awesome stuff!

Grown by us organically, no chemicals, no nasties, no problems!!!