Komatsuna Japanese Spinach Brassica Rapa Perviridis Seeds


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Komatsuna Japanese Spinach Brassica Rapa Perviridis Seeds

Packet of 70+ home grown seeds of this tasty Asian leafy green!

Higher iron and less oxalic than spinach, this stuff is truly awesome.

We eat normally eat it in miso soup, just chopped up and wilted in the heat of the broth.
You can use it any of the ways you use any other leafy green.
Salads, ricotta pies, stirfried with garlic and chillies, you name it, if you would normally use Spinach then this stuff is even better!

Because of the lower oxalic acid levels it doesn’t have that soapy squeaky feeling on your teeth that you sometimes get from microgreens and supermarket salad mixes, and you can harvest it early and use it exactly the same way.

The name is a reference to the Japanese Komatsugawa district(Edogawa, Adachi, Katsushika) but it was also grown in Taiwan, and Korea on a huge scale, and still is today.
Why stop when you’re onto a good thing, hey!

I even saw it sold in the prepacked plastic packs in the Asian supermarkets last time I was in the city.

Very high in calcium, and quite large leaves that can be picked individually over a very long period, without harming or interfering the mother plants.

It’s great stuff, and if you want a leafy green vegie them this fella has to be on the short list, surely.
Now you know where to get some seeds from to get you started!

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!