Japanese Aka Shiso Perilla Frutescens Purple Shiso Seeds


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Japanese Aka Shiso Perilla Frutescens Purple Shiso Seeds

Packet of 75+ Queensland grown, Japanese origin, Red shiso seeds!

First off, while called “red”, the leaf is actually much more purple to my eye.
Especially as it reaches maturity where it is almost black at times.
The second point I wanted to mention is that we grow these guys here at home in QLD Australia.
The reason why I make a point of saying that is because back in the day we tried shiso seeds from just about every other Aussie seller, dozens of varieties, and had consistently poor results every single time.

Not sure why but the plants always end up as runted little fellas, and they always pretty much went straight to seed, and after all that the bugs always hammered them too.

Very frustrating as we really love shiso, but time and time again we just ended up being disappointed with the results.
We gave up in the end, and ended up getting seeds directly from Japan which produced these fantastic red shiso plants.

Much better flavour, big soft leaves, larger plants, longer harvest period, and less insect dramas too!
Just amazing the difference.

We have been growing these for many generations now, and they are consistent and grow true to form.
They have adapted to our warmer drier climate really well, and if you get in quick you can score a packet or two to grow you own as well.

Commonly called Perilla arguta, Perilla frutescens, Perilla nankinensis, oba, leaf perilla, beefsteak plant, zizu, jasoyup, perilla mint, red shiso, purple shiso, aka shiso, Chinese basil, Korean basil, Japanese basil, wild basil, wild coleus, summer coleus, or even rattlesnake weed.

Traditionally eaten in China, Korea, Japan, India, South East Asia, and becoming more common all around the world every day due to it’s indescribably awesome flavour.

Great for a leafy salad green, to wrap riceballs, tempura, sushi, spaghetti, and also great for soothing a sore throat. Tea made from the dried or juiced fresh leaves and stems are made into a cordial type of thing, or even easier, fresh pieces of leaf are chewed slowly providing a greater effect than any of that sugar filled candy nonsense you get from the chemist.

Well that’s what I personally reckon anyway…

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!