Rattlesnake Bean Phaseolus Vulgaris Seeds


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Rattlesnake Bean Phaseolus Vulgaris Seeds

Packet of 10+ seeds!

It’s very hard to find organically grown seed of this one, and with the huge yields you get from them, here is plenty to get you started!

Super tender, soft and sweet, like a longer, wider Snowpea really.
As they get really big (about as long as my forearm), you only need to pick a couple for a feed which is handy.

Quite ornamental too, with pink and purple crescents and splashes over the body of the bean, and a cool pinkish flower too!
The bigger they get, the more they curl, hence the “Rattlesnake” name.

I like the immature green pods fresh in salads, or just as is, when I’m cruising around the garden.
The coloured pods are the great cooked as normal, and the dried pods, with mature beans, can be used to, like any other pulse, boiled in soups, stews and chilli based meals.
A great choice for Mexican, Caribbean and Spanish food.

Goes perfectly with chilli dishes, we use a large amount of the dried beans, little onion and garlic, lots of chilli, 20mins in the pressure cooker, then chuck in a handful of the finely chopped green fresh ones at the end for
crunch and colour. Awesome!

Very easy to grow, very versatile, and very large returns of a just few plants.
The stems, dried shells, pods and the root system releases valuable nitrogen into the soil feeding nearby plants.
The finished plant rots down quickly and is great for providing “humus” (carbon, fibre and other micro nutrients needed for ideal plant development).

Just stick a few in the ground now, then again next week, and you will always have some available to chuck in a meal.
Needs no real care to provide a heavy return. Just wack them in the ground and wait.
I really recommend these ones!

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!