Giant Pink Sword Bean Canavalia Gladiata Seeds


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Giant Pink Sword Bean Canavalia Gladiata Seeds

Packet of 5+ huge pink beans!

These guys are awesome, a really cool vegetable plant for the collection.

They are a legume that you hardly ever see, mostly just because of the size I reckon?

Just as good as faba or broad beans when picked, peeled, boiled young and small.

Small for these guys is still pretty huge, and you want to aim for about 10cent coin size seeds with soft loose, easy to peel skins.

We also eat the boiled whole pods when they are about finger size, but be aware it is best not to eat the whole pods any bigger than that as like a lot of beans they have a few nasties in them that can cause indigestion and nausea in large amounts.

Finger sized whole pods, or soft skinned beans/peas, boiled and drained, bit of butter and garlic, fantastic!

Fairly common vegetable to most of Asia and Africa, also grow for a novelty due to its massive sword shaped pods. Mine never get very big as they don’t get enough water or space, generally maxing out as long as the Mrs’s arm.

These are mostly my seeds and they get a white flower, but there are a few in there that have a pink flower that I mixed in as well. Got them in barter and had a heap left over from a recent planting so this lot is a bit of a mix of both types.

Oh yeah, ever seen those “magic beans” or “bean in a can” with writing, generally “I LUV U” or something cheezy burnt into the side of it?

Well this is them!

What they do is brand the side of the bean with very fine red hot wire, and when the bean shoots the pattern is on the first leaf.

You can do it too, just be aware sometimes the heat damage is too great and the seed just rots, and a regardless the first two leaves the plant produces are kind of disposable, so a couple weeks later those leaves are gone.

Eh, kinda pointless, but gives you something to do, fills in the hours I guess?