Linseed Linen Linum Usitatissimum Seeds


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Linseed, Linen or Linum usitatissimum Seeds

Big packet of 100+ seeds, plenty to get you started!

Really easy to grow, with NO pests or diseases we have ever experienced.

Originally we got the seed from Japan not really knowing what to expect. My in-laws called it “LINEN” and said it had amazing health benefits, and this one in particular was “Special” and edible, so I was quite keen to give it a go.

It grew into tall thin stems with a cascade of new delicate blooms every morning, which would drop their petals to reveal tiny little balls of every afternoon.

As these balls hardened up and ripened they were replaced by new flowers further up the stem, extending the cascading effect for more than a month or so.

It looked pretty cool but when I tried to find out the scientific name, the language barrier became a bit of an issue.

We just grew as an ornamental the first couple times but now as I have worked out its the famous “Flax/Linseed” plant, we have been incorporating it into our meals. I like a little mixed into Pizza or Sour dough breads. Gives it a crunchier crust and a delicious nuttiness. Just as good eaten straight off the plant as you wander around the garden too!.

Super easy to harvest, even easier to grow. Looks very cool, with the blue, white or pinkish blooms swaying in the breeze.

There is heaps of info out there about this one. Great for reducing the risk of Heart disease, Cancer, Stroke, Diabetes even Asthma. High in every B group Vitamin, Omega 3s, Lignans and Soluble and insoluble Fibre.

The below quote I pinched from Wikipedia

“Fresh, refrigerated and unprocessed, linseed oil is used as “Nutritional Supplement” and is a traditional European ethnic food, highly regarded for its hearty taste. It contains the highest level of the “Omega-3 fatty acids” ALA among vegetable oils. Regular flaxseed oil contains between 52% and 63% ALA (C18:3 n-3). Plant breeders have developed flaxseed with both higher ALA (70%) and very low ALA content (< 3%). ”

This is the fancy Japanese Breed, specifically selected for its added health benefits, and not that European stuff that has been shown to be contaminated by cross breeding with Genetically Modified plants! Its a Non-Genetically Modified variety, not tampered with in any way, just selected for Vigor, Yield and Oil content of the seeds. I recommend you have a look at all the info out there about these. There are some pretty astounding studies, especially regarding the Omega-3, Antioxidant, and Lignan content.

Its been grown as a food crop for more than 3000years!!!

Another great thing about them is that after you remove the seeds the left over stems make great “Garden ties” for staking tomatoes or tying up vines or soft new plants and shoots.

They last 12-18months in full sun in the garden without cutting into the plants, then they break down to mulch. 100% biodegradable and they do a better job than stockings, wire or even that commercial polyethylene string. The ultimate in environmentally friendly “Garden ties”, and you get a feed and flowers as well!

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!