Hibiscus Geranioides Pink Geranium Leaf Seeds


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Hibiscus Geranioides Pink Geranium Leaf Seeds

Packet of 10+ home grown organic seeds!

Seeds from the Australian native, and very rarely available Hibiscus geranioides, or Geranium leaved hibiscus.

This fella is found all through NT, QLD and WA, normally along the edges of rainforest or in clearings in the tropics.
That said, it should do fine anywhere as long as you germinate it during the warm months and keep it in a warm spot protected from frost.

The seeds are pretty easy to pop.
Just use a sandy well draining soil mix, surface sow the seeds, water well and wait about ~1month.

Here I get 80% germination like that, and some trays and pots even the final couple seeds come up too after a few months or when we get heavy rain.

Like most Hibiscus species the flowers make a great addition to salads giving them a splash of colour.
This fella grows to about 1metre max and if you cut the top of at about half that it bushes out nicely.
As a bonus the woody tip and branch cuttings strike easily in moist sand and it gives you a bit of a head start on the next lot of flowers.

The delicate bright pink flowers bloom and drop off every 1-2days and they are replaced with an endless stream of replacements.
Here they bloom pretty much continually all year round but down south in cooler climates its more of a Spring Summer Autumn thing.

The flower, leaves, and plant as a whole looks cool.
Lots of pretty pink flowers and native too.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!