Smiley Rock *MASSIVE $175.00 DISCOUNT*



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Please read text!

Smiley Rock

Its a rock with a smiley face drawn on with a chisel tip “Sharpie pen”.

Was $500.00, now just $325.00. That’s a discount of $175.00 folks!!!

Approximately 84mm long, 38mm wide and 52mm high with a total weight of around 204.5grams.

It is a very unique item, the only one of its kind in existence as far as we can tell?

It is made of 100% rock, as all real rocks should be. Free shipping world wide!

There you have it folks, another beauty!

A rock with a smiley face drawn on, or a “Smiley Rock” as we like to call it.

For those that are curious this was originally just a test product that we made up.
So I can see the font and how the gallery looked and if the pictures displayed properly, that sort of thing.
Years later a less than legal site with a very similar name popped up meaning I was getting endless bloody emails from doofuses wanting to get “stoned”,  or buy “rocks”…
I used to reply
“Sorry, I only grow and sell legal species”
Then I’d put this product link at the bottom of the page(still do).

Years later that dodgy site has unsurprisingly disappeared, the emails from doofuses have settled down again, but I just left it here because it makes me chuckle.
I’m easily amused…

I say doofus, because forgetting the pros vs cons and putting all the moral and health issues aside for a second, I personally reckon telling random folks on the internet you want to buy illegal drugs seems very high risk to me?
But repeatedly hassling a completely different legitimate business, that has a completely different name, and doesn’t have any of those illegal products anywhere, and doesn’t look even the slightest bit similar to the site you are looking for…
Not only telling them that you want to buy illegal drugs, but also giving your real home address, your phone number, and your credit card details as well.
Yeah, that’s a bloody doofus imo…

If this is you and you were just sent this link please reread this before you decide to email me one more time, “just in case”. I’ll even say it one more time for clarity.
No, I definitely don’t grow or sell any illegal drugs.
Life’s way too short and I’m way too old for that sort of potential drama and nonsense.