Obscure Morning Glory Ipomoea Obscura Seeds


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Obscure Morning Glory Ipomoea Obscura Seeds

Packet of 10+ fresh viable home grown seeds!

Big fan of morning glories and this white and yellow one is particularly nice.

There are a few forms of this species and the one I am selling seeds of has a small white flower with pale creamy yellow star radiating around the deep dark purple centre, and they are about the size of an Aussie 20c coin.
It has a semi-tuberous root and in my climate it is a perennial lasting 4+years.

I grow them in 10lt/buckets/pots with a coil of wire as a trellis and they look really cool covered in big green heart shaped leaves and flowers.
The blue banded bees love them and I move the pots around near the tomatoes and other crops to increase fruit production.
I use them as bee bait and it definitely works improving fruit set.

Known as in Laksmana in traditional Ayurveda medicine, it is also known the following names at various places around the world. Bilichita bogari, bokadi mooguthi balli, Calonyction acanthocarpum, cherutali, chirudalli, Convolvulus obscurus, Convolvulus ochraceus, Convolvulus pilosus, Convolvulus trichocalyx, golla jiddu aaku, gumbadvel, Ipomoea acanthocarpa, Ipomoea acutiflora, Ipomoea demissa, Ipomoea demissa, Ipomoea dubia, Ipomoea fragilis, Ipomoea fragilis, Ipomoea inconspicua, Ipomoea insuavis, Ipomoea kentrocarpa, Ipomoea longipes, Ipomoea luteola, Ipomoea saltiana, Ipomoea sudanica, Ipomoea tenuis, kuruguttali, lakshmana, Merremia geophiloides, nalla kokkita, pan bel, pilibonvari, pivali bhonvari, piwli pungali, tirutali, vachagandha, muduhwi and wild petunia.

In it’s natural range it is regularly used as both a food and medicine and having tried the leaves fried up myself and I have to admit, not bad at all.
I also have to say, this family can be a bit dodgy food wise, and it isn’t something I recommend or will be eating regularly.
I consider it an emergency SHTF type potential food only.
Some closely related members of the Ipomoea mob have toxic compounds, there are numerous forms of this one in particular.
As far as I know they could all have different chemical composition, and the fact that after many years growing this species I have never had an insect issue makes me particularly wary.

All the other Edible Ipomoea species I grow have had the odd bug having a nibble from time to time but not this fella, and because of that example, me neither these days.

Could be poisonous in large amounts, or you personally could just react badly to a tiny little bit, and for that reason I am only selling these seeds as an ornamental species.

It is native to Christmas island, and I also found a few old references to it being native to northern Australia and another saying native to Queensland, but the Australia government now disputes this and saying it was introduced.
Have a look at this distribution map and you decide it that makes sense to you or not…
Regardless, like all species native or not, there is a definite weed potential so keep that in mind.
Only grow it in pots, and if you don’t plan on collecting seeds for new plantings, then just pull the pods off as they form.
This will make the plant flower much more profusely, and prevent it from getting away from you at the same time.
If picked green and young there is no chance of growing and you can just dump them back in the pot as mulch.

Traditional medicinal uses include collecting the leaf sap and using for insanity and mental conditions, the leaf in an alcohol tincture for sores and infected wounds, the dried powdered leaves for mouth ulcers, and a tea made from the pounded roots was also used as a treatment for dysentery.

All very interesting, but not something I have tried and these seeds are sold as an ornamental species only.
To that end it is a fantastic choice and you would have to crazy not to think it’s a pretty little fella I reckon!

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!

NOT for the USA, Western Australia, or Tasmania, due to added expense and drama involved.
If you decide to buy anyway, despite me politely asking you not to, I will NOT be sending this item and you will receive a substitution of my choosing. 🙂