Ipomoea Coccinea Mexican Scarlet Morning Glory Seeds


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Ipomoea Coccinea Mexican Scarlet Morning Glory Seeds

Packet of 30+ freshly harvested, home grown seeds!

Like most Ipomoea species it seems there are many different names for this fella, and those names are also used for many similar, but quite unique species. These names include Scarlet Morning Glory, Red Morning Glory, Scarlet Starglory, Starglory, Redstar, Mexican Morning Glory, Ipomoea coccinea v. hederifolia, Wooly Tidestromia, Quamoclit coccinea, Quamoclit coccinea v. hederifolia, Quamoclit hederifolia etc.

It is a very easy to grow ornamental vine and it is a great choice for a fence or hedge.

The butterflies and bees seem to love it, and we use it as an ornamental shade crop for the Guinea pig houses. We just use polystyrene boxes to grow the vine in, and let it sprawl up and over the cage providing protection from eagles, falcons and hawks, and much needed shade from the midday heat.

As a bonus it also looks beautiful! Lots of red flowers that come in flushes, and if you deadhead it the vine can last ages, month after month.

Never tried it myself, but I found this interesting>>>

“The plant is cultivated in many parts of India as an ornamental plant, but it is also used for medicinal properties; they use the roots to induce sneezing.”

No idea how or why, but if you have any info on the subject I would love an email or a link.

Anyway, that is pretty much it I guess?

Just a beautiful vining plant with masses of bright orange red flowers.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!