Red Azuki Bean Vigna Angularis Seeds


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Red Azuki Bean Vigna Angularis Seeds

Packet of 25+ beans of this awesome ancient variety!

It’s a very short plant with most of ours only growing a foot or so, making it perfect for growing in pots. Big crops of delicious tender “green beans” that are great as a stir fry, soup, stew, even a green salad vegie. They take up no room so they are perfect for folks in apartments and rental properties.

Traditionally used to make a huge range of deserts in Japan, China and Korea. All through Asia actually. Mochi, Anko, Anpan, Yokan, are all delicious desert foods made from boiling the azuki beans with sugar as a base flavour for the desert.

Used as a spread (think jam) on toast and a topping on icecream and gelato.

It is pretty much the equivalent in popularity to our “chocolate flavour” in most of Asian.

Extensive documented history of use since 4000BC!

I mostly grow it in pots as it doesn’t need much room and to add nitrogen to the soil before I plant something else.

Say, Azuki beans first then once the bean start to flower and form little pods I plant something else in there as well like in the picture. In that case “Hierbe de anise“. I will harvest the beans over a couple weeks and once it finishes and dies back, it becomes mulch and fertiliser to the next crop, right when they need it, without me having to do anything.

That’s it I guess?

Cool Asian bean that grows into a tiny plant jam packed with beans. Very productive little fellas!

You can eat the beans as is, you can boil, steam of fry them, or you can wait till they fully mature and start to split the pods and harvest the kernel inside for a delicious sweet desert.

Grown organically by me and the Mrs, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!