Pigeon Pea Cajanus Cajun 2 types Mixed Packet


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Pigeon Pea Cajanus Cajun 2 types Seeds Mixed Packet

1x Mixed packet of 10+ fresh seeds from 2 very high yielding perennial varieties.

These are the two main heirloom varieties grown in extensively in India, Africa, Central America, and various other countries. Both have their good points, and we wouldn’t do without either.

There is the larger beaned Pink flowered form, that yields a bucket of beans, all at once, in 3-4 times a year lots(great for stocking the freezer!), or the bright Yellow that gets a steady crop of a handful or so for months and months.

You can pick them young and use them like any other bean, or wait till the fill out a bit and shell them like normal peas, or even wait a bit longer and use the dried peas in soups, stews casseroles, curries, lentil dishes etc etc etc etc etc ………

Massively popular everywhere they are grown, not just as a nutritious productive food crop, but also for a multitude of other uses.

They can be used as a pioneer species as they sink down nice deep roots, holding the top soil together, and fixing nitrogen and feeding the surrounding plants at the same time.

They can be cut back really hard after a harvest, and the leaves and stems are a great slow release fertilizer and mulch.

Grow them in a large pot if you want, or just wack them in the ground and forget about them.

In the harsh dry weather we have had last year, they were still looking great, put on heaps of flowers, peas and new growth, when most of our other stuff was long dead, unfortunately!

Minor frosts aren’t an issue with them at all and “hardy” is an understatement!

Massively popular with the biodynamic movement, and organic farmers alike.

Very nutritious, for humans and animals alike.
Chooks and guinea pigs love them, and the plants themselves are great trellises to grow our morning glory, loofah and bitter melon etc up!

If you plant a climbing bean or vine at the same time you plant the pigeon pea, its a great combination and you don’t need a trellis!

Nothing more to say really?
High protein, great taste, easy harvest, can stay productive for more than 5years!

Just awesome! Oh yeah, looks really cool too!

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!