Acacia Complanata Flat Stemmed Wattle Seeds


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Acacia Complanata Flat Stemmed Wattle Seeds

Packet of 10+ super fresh seeds!

Another local native Acacia with edible seeds(I like them fried or popped like popcorn), but this fella is much more of an ornamental.
Even when not in flower it looks super cool, kinda prehistoric with the flat ribs along the stem and the evenly spaced large oval leaves~phyllodes.
It is a long lived species(20years+) that doesn’t have the borer and die back issues that wattles always get a bad name for, and if you give it a trim when young it gets really bushy and dense.
The internet tells me Aboriginals used the timber for boomerangs, clubs and shields and the bark was used for making cordage and twine.

This fibre was used extensively for traps and nets and I myself have used it to lash down a tarp on the trailer when the dodgy sun damaged poly rope snapped on the way into town.
The leaf and stem contains 0.3% alkaloids and there have been independent claims of DMT in the bark. The majority of the alkaloid content is made up of N-methyl-tetrahydroharman, with traces of tetrahydroharman, and tryptamine.
It was once known by the synonums Acacia anceps and Racosperma complanatum.

Apparently it’s seeds, flower and gum are used as food by squirrel gliders and pale head rosellas , and here at home I have seen the king parrots, black cockatoos and possums having a crack at them regularly too. Bloody chooks too if they get teh chance..
The flowers are quite large and the pics I have taken just don’t do them justice.
They germinate readily with HWT.

The only issue I have ever had with this fella is collecting the actual seeds.
It’s a pain in the butt to harvest from the wild as unlike many other local Acacia they flower and ripen over a very long time and very unevenly.
Makes them awesome for the bees, wildlife and for us humans to look at, but yeah, that also means you can only get a pinch of seeds from each tree, you have to walk for miles and it takes ages.
If the pods are picked early, the seeds won’t detach making sorting them impossible.
A couple days too late and they drop on the ground.

For about 4years I have wanted to add them to the website as it’s my favourite ornamental Acacia species, but I could never really get enough to really make it worth the hassle.
The couple times I did get heaps, weevils smashed the seeds while they were drying the first time, and a freak hail storm blew them all away when they were drying the second…

Anyway, not to worry.
I’ve got it sorted now that my own plants are pumping and with them being right near the house its easy to collect heaps if you do a little here and there and just save them up till there is enough for a feed, and/or in my case to sell to you guys!

Home grown and occasionally wild harvested sustainably, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!