Posting Plants

Posting plants the Fair-Dinkum-Seeds way.

Posting Plants
Posting Plants

We post all our plants in 100mm posts, well wrapped to protect the roots from damage and disturbance, from the “delicate handling” they will receive from Australia Post….
The plants will be watered and wrapped, and if they will benefit from leaf trimming to limit water loss by transpiration and evaporation, then they may even get a light haircut before packing.

It all depends on that individual plant, and its particular needs.

Rest assured we will do our absolute best to get it to you in the same condition it left here, after all, we want you to have success growing it!

We firmly attached the pot to the base of the box with a sort of cotton seat belt, to stop it sliding up and crushing the delicate tip of the plant.
Some plants will be wrapped in plastic as well, but the majority won’t, again it all depends on that individual, that you have bought.
The packing boxes themselves have been specifically chosen by us after extensive testing, and I feel they are the absolute best you can get for protecting delicate plants.
Seriously, they are not the cheapest, but the design is perfect, and that is all that matters.
They have to get a real hammering before any damage is inflicted on the actual plant.
We only send express post so that the majority of plants make it to you by the weekend.
We send either on a Monday or a Tuesday depending on how busy we are, and it normally takes us a day or to get them organized, so bear that in mind.
That’s it folks, well packed and protected, sent in pots via “Express Post” so they arrive in good health, to wherever you want in OZ!

International delivery of plants not available at this stage, but if your really keen, send me a message by clicking here…