Plant Label Pen Set Garden Supplies Tools


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Plant Label Pen Set Garden Supplies Tools

2x packets of 25 plant labels and 1x quality permanent marker.

These are the exactly the same labels and pens I use and after using many different types, these are the ones we have stuck with because they do the job.

They do not break down, get brittle, or crack in the sun, and these quality pens do not fade with time either.

If you want to reuse the labels you can use a standard lead pencil or white board marker instead.

I use these large tags for my Takeaway container propagation method, and for all the pots and tubs through out the life of the plants.
They are adjustable so easily fit everything from shoots to trees with an 11cm circumference, and anything larger just hang the label on a branch instead of the main trunk.

The main writing area is 7cm x 2cm and the labels themselves have an overall size of 20cm x 2cm.

Perfect for us, and no doubt just as perfect for you guys too!