Knife Small Kiwi Grafting Cutting Harvesting Fruit Tool


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Knife Small Kiwi Grafting Cutting Harvesting Fruit Tool

1x small straight blade knife as pictured!

7cm long, very slightly curved, razor sharp, stainless steel blade, with a 10cm long bright orange plastic handle.

I have tried all sorts of tools for grafting and taking cuttings, and out of all of them I reckon these guys are hard to beat.

Very very sharp so please handle it with care.

The blade runs through the moulded plastic handle and there are no weak spots like rivets to eventually wear out.
The bright orange colour means that when you inevitably drop it in the long grass it is easy to find.
Something that is a very handy feature for me, as I am often getting inspiration for another job, while I am still halfway through the first job, putting things “somewhere safe” only to have no idea where that “safe” place was later on down the track…

I use these guys for everything from normal vegetable and food preparation in the kitchen, opening boxes and preparing mail, taking cuttings and samples from plants in the bush, to scarifying large seeds and beans by kind of drilling a hole in them with the very tip of the blade.
They hold an edge well are the weapon of choice for harvesting a wide range of commercial fruit crops, and for just $10.00 you probably should buy one or two…

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