Key Ring Knife Multi Tool Letter Opener


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Key Ring Knife Multi Tool Letter Opener

1x handy little stainless steel gadget sent directly from my place to yours.

Fits on your keys like just any other key, but has so many uses.

Personally I use it as a letter opener most of the time and for that it is perfect. The sharp edged blade cuts the paper with no dramas and the serrated inner section is great for packing straps, heavy tape and boxes. Held at an angle it pops the heavy duty staples off no dramas at all. We get a lot of mail so it makes things a breeze now I have this fella on the keys, and also means I also don’t need to cart around a bulky pair of scissors or knife.

Especially handy when out and about where a large knife or pair of scissors would stand out quite a bit…

It also has a bottle opener and a couple screw drivers including a Phillip’s head which was handy the other day when I needed to tighten up the number plate, and considering how small and inconspicuous it is I really reckon everyone should have one on their keys.

I have to admit I have a feeling these are not the original name brand Swiss+Tech Utili-Keys due to the price….

But the quality is spot on for my needs, and for $7 delivered free anywhere in Australia it really is bugger all for something so handy.

It ain’t a bowie knife, that’s for sure, but most folks are not out hunting crocodiles, so they won’t be needing one of them. But something small and handy like this could be a real asset every now and then.

I liked it so much I bought a few of them for friends and relatives, and a couple spares in case the one I had broke. Never broke, much to my surprise and it doesn’t look like it ever will, even with the work out they get from me. They get a big tick of approval from me.

Makes a great gift!

Just $7.00 + FREE Australia wide delivery. (International delivery available at the normal $7.50 flat rate no matter what you buy.)