Guinea Pig Greeting Card Gift


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Guinea Pig Greeting Card Gift

1x homemade greeting card and envelope.

Standard card at approximately ~10.5cm (~4.13 inch) x ~15cm (~6inch) with standard envelope of matching size. Blank inside so you can add a custom message.

All 100% made here at home by the Mrs in very small quantities, limited edition masterpieces every one of them!
You won’t get awesomeness like this at your local newsagent.

Sent standard postage to anywhere worldwide, guaranteed to be packed and posted out to you guys within 48hrs of payment, often even sooner.

It will be sent in a large recycled envelope, with heavy cardboard insert to protect it from damage and creasing on the long journey to your place.


If you want the card written on and sent on your behalf to someone else, that isn’t a drama either.
No extra charge to send direct and add a few lines of basic customised message like
“Happy Birthday Jimmy, lots of love Carol”.
Or “Happy 10th anniversary sweetheart, looking forward to another 10 glorious years together”.
Or “Thanks for all the vegetables you dropped off the other day, really appreciate all you have done. Your grateful neighbour, Billy Bob Redneck.”

Whatever you want, handwritten in pen, as long as it isn’t a novel…
Just tell us here at FairDinkumSeeds Contact, immediately after your purchase, and give specific, clear, instructions of exactly what you want.
Eg. Please send the card I just purchased directly to

1010 Somesuch Street,
Somerandom Town, Post code 1010
Somewellknown State,
Somelarge Country.

Please also write
“To Blah Blah Blah, From Blah Blah Blah” on the card.
Make sure you give me the correct email address on the contact form just incase I need to double check anything.