Diamond Sharpening Stone File Tools


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Diamond Sharpening Stone File Tools

Set of three small diamond sharpening stones.

These are super handy and were recommended to me on a Facebook rare plants group.

I figured why not?
My other diamond stone is great, but too big to be practical anywhere but at home, and a bit too expensive to risk losing in the bush.
They were nice and cheap.
After I received them and had used them for a while I was so impressed I went back and bought a heap more in bulk!

Really handy and I now have them put away all over the place.

Perfect for sharpening secateurs, snippers, scissors, pocket knives, pruning poles, harvest knives and despite their small size, they do a great job on the cane knife when I am out harvesting natives or slashing lantana in the scrub.

The small size and groovy little pouch means I can wack them in my pocket without them getting in the way or stabbing me in the leg as I walk, and I always have a set in the glove box of the car and another in my camera bag, just in case.

75mm x 25mm each stone, and when the set is rolled up length ways in the pouch provided, they are about as big as a chocolate Marsbar, but only half as thick.

Three grades different grades in the set and the actual surface is multiple layers of diamonds bonded to a heavy duty alloy steel frame.

Coarse Red 180 grit, Medium Yellow 260 grit and Fine Blue 360 grit for finishing off the edge to a razor.

Handle your tools carefully afterwards, they really do get crazy sharp.

There you have it folks.

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