$50.00 Seeds Coupon Code Gift Voucher


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$50.00 Seeds Coupon Code Gift Voucher

One coupon code for the value of $AU50.00!

Makes an awesome gift and is a great way to buy something for someone you love, yet still allow them to personalize it to their tastes at the same time.

How it works is you buy the voucher.

I then email you the coupon code(it is not “EXAMPLECODEGIBBERISH”, that is just an example).
I also post out a copy of the card to the Delivery Address you specified when you paid.

So if you want it sent to your mate Bob Smith at the Gold Coast, make sure you put Bob Smith’s full and correct address in the Delivery address section, when you pay.

The Delivery Address is the address the coupon card will get delivered to.

The Billing address is the address of the dude paying, in this case you.

If you need to contact me there is a link at the top of every page.

The person you sent it to gets the voucher, and they can spend it now, next week, next year, next decade.

Makes no real difference to us, all up to them.
Don’t stress, as long as there is a FairDinkumSeeds then your money is good.

No dodgy fine print “2weeks to use or expires” nonsense. If you want a different amount then go here for other Gift Vouchers.

That said, this code is for use in the fairdinkumseeds.com website only, and is not redeemable for cash, credit, or in any way refundable ever, for any reason.

There is no expiry limit and if the item is in stock and for sale in the site, then this coupon can be used to add the item to your cart and buy it.

As per always Australian delivery is free, international delivery is $AU7.50 capped.

If you don’t actually need a physical card to be mailed to you or your friend, or you are in a hurry don’t want to wait for one, just purchase for Australian shipping.
It is Automatically free then.
Use my postal address below and I will know what it is all about and just email the the jpg and the code without physically posting or mailing anything.
No posting, so therefore no international postage fee, so this can save everyone a lot of time and $7.50 for those overseas folks.

Just put the “Delivery Address” as>>>
First Name= NoDelivery
Last name= EmailOnly
Country= Australia
Address= Po Box 242
Suburb= Gin Gin
State= Queensland
Post Code= 4671

Do that and you will get a jpg and an emailed coupon code, without any physical copy of the card being mailed.
Any dramas just use the link at the top of the page to contact me with your delivery details, email address or whatever info I will need.