Kiwi Fruit Chinese Gooseberry Actinidia Deliciosa Seeds


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Kiwi Fruit Chinese Gooseberry Actinidia Deliciosa Seeds

Packet of 100+ seeds from this famous furry little fruit!

I get these guys from a customer and friend.

His vine is a great big jumbled mound more than ten years old and there when he arrived, so he doesn’t know the exact cultivar, just that the fruit taste good and are prolific.
Good enough for me!

I get a great germination so I have planted a few out in the bush and put them on the website as a novelty for the adventurous folks to have a crack at. Bit of an experiment.

Kiwi Fruit are originally from China, but gained their fame when they made their way to New Zealand where the seeds were originally planted by Isabel Fraser. It was 1906 they were given to Alexander Allison and only four years later the first vines fruited.

Folks decided they tasted pretty close to a gooseberry, so they gave them the name “Chinese Gooseberry”. It wasn’t till 1959 that they adopted the name everyone knows them by, the “Kiwi Fruit”.

Great bit of marketing that, as the furry skin does resemble a “Kiwi Bird”.

Great tangy taste, and the pack of seeds is huge so you will get a heap of males and females. You need a bit of both to get fertile fruit apparently.

That’s it folks, everything I know which is not really a lot..
Another beauty to have a crack at!

Semi-wild harvested, organically grown seed.