Flindersia Australis Crow Ash Australian Teak Seeds


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Flindersia Australis Crow Ash Australian Teak Seeds

Packet of 10+ freshly harvested seeds!

Very cool looking native Australian tree.

The fruits or seed pods are just like a file or rasp, and when dry they pop open like a starfish.
Great for art projects, flower arrangements and floral centerpieces.
The Australian Aborigines traditionally used them pretty much how we use a peeler or grater these days.
Good for taking off the skin and dirt from tuberous root vegetables, and for grating starchy stuff down to a pulp for leaching toxins and making fish poisons.

It is a pretty common street tree in parks and gardens all over Australia due to its general hardiness and very ornamental nature.
The leaves pods and flowers all look really cool, and when the pods split open releasing the seeds they are thoroughly enjoyed by both kids and critters alike.
Favored food tree for the orchard Swallowtail butterfly, bees, and honey-eaters.
The seeds themselves have a big wing on them, so they slowly helicopter their way down from the canopy.
Many a kid has spent hours watching them flutter to the ground.
Like other Flindersia Species, I am told it is an excellent timber.

Bury the seed a couple centimeter deep on it’s side in a well draining sandy soil mix, don’t over water, Bob’s your uncle.

Wild harvested sustainably, no chems, no nasties no problems!!!