Brachychiton Rupestris Queensland Bottle Tree Seeds


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Brachychiton Rupestris Queensland Bottle Tree seeds

Packet of 15+ seeds from this world famous, drought tolerant tree.

Native to my back yard in Queensland Australia, but grown everywhere else in the world now too due to its incredible adaptability and awesome looking bulbous trunk.

Handles everything from -10 °C to 50 °C no dramas at all, and they are grown in gardens and parks on the entire coast from Sydney to Cairns. Seen them in parks in Japan, Thailand, Germany, USA, Hawaii and Canada online, all huge specimens.

The older it gets the rounder it gets, with the trademarked pregnant belly only happening when they hit around 5years old.

They can live for more than 100years and can eventually end up being 20meters high and several meters wide!

The leaves vary a lot in shape from long and thin, to wide and flat and there is a mix of all variations on the one tree, at the same time. The flowers are hard to spot but look like little yellow bells and the seeds eventually form the little boats that contain the edible seeds.
Used as a bushfood, just shake of the hair that surround the seeds and roast them like pine nuts or eat them raw.

That’s about it folks?

Everyone needs one of these big glorious buggers I reckon!!!

Wild harvested sustainably from the surrounded bush, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!