Orange Pultenaea Euchila Native Flower Seeds


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Orange Pultenaea Euchila Native Flower Seeds

Packet of 50+ home grown seeds!
While this lot is from home, every now and then I will harvest them from the local scrub too, but regardless where they are from they are fresh this seasons seeds, no matter what.

This is a really attractive little bush that the internet tells me gets about 2metres square if left to it’s own devices.
Here where I am they are normally about half that, growing mostly in the shady gullies.
Just as hardy as an Acacia yet not weedy, and they respond well to pruning.

The only reason I can see for them not being more commonly sold is the seed germination.
I tell you now, they can be tricky.
This is the reason for the bigger packet of seeds and below are the results of my studies, with each trial being done on a full packet of 50 seeds.

1. Planted directly in well draining potting mix gave me 6 plants with the seeds germinating during a hot dry period. 12% germination. This was TWO YEARS after planting and I had completely given up long ago!

2. Pouring boiling water on the seeds and soaking overnight before planting gave me 18plants in about ~1month.
36% germination.

3. Weak GA3 and Strong GA3 had no germination at all.
But, 1000Ppm GA3 gave me 11 plants in just a fortnight. 22% germination

4. Smoked vermiculite added to the surface of the soil at the time of planting had no effect.
BUT, planting in soil, then 3months later adding smoked vermiculite to the surface of the soil gave me 30seedlings as soon as it rained heavily again. Total time of 4months with 60% germination.
This was the best result and I thought I was onto a winner.
Unfortunately the next time I did the same thing I had no germination at all.
Not even one….

As you can see, smoke, heat, GA3 and time, are all useful, but haven’t worked out a standard easy method yet.
For this reason this fella is a gamble and I can’t guarantee any germination at all, and I can’t offer any advice apart from try lots of things and keep a record of your results.
PLEASE do tell me what you did if you has great success!

Home grown or wild harvested sustainably by me and the Mrs, no chems, no nasties, no problems!