Ironbark Hickory Wattle Acacia Disparrima Salwood Seeds


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Ironbark Hickory Wattle Acacia Disparrima Salwood Seeds

Packet of 10+ seeds from this hardy local Acacia species.

Fast growing and incredibly hardy this is a very common plant through our region.
It was once known as Acacia Aulacocarpa but is now considered to be Acacia Disparrima.
It has a very unusual and easily recognizable seed pod that contains a large amount of edible seeds.

The timber is idea for broom, rake, pick or shovel handles, it’s what we use here after giving up on the fancy and expensive, fiberglass or plastic coated ones.
They just can’t handle the brutal treatment they get here.

Easy to grow, great for a revegetation of cleared scrub as it holds the topsoil in place and provides food and shelter for a myriad of species.

Easy to grow, just start them with a HWT, then plant them out as they get bigger.

Apparently they get 9meters tall, but our seem to max out at about 3-4meters.

The wood is great for using in the guinea pig and chook houses as they don’t chew it much and the termites seem to leave it alone too.

Pretty flowers, cool seed pods, easy to grow, edible seeds and gum, relatively hard yet flexible, long lasting wood, easy to work with, umm yeah, that’s about it folks?

Wildharvested from our place by me and the Mrs, no chemicals, no nasties, no problems!!!