Hylocereus All 3 Species Dragonfruit Mixture


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Hylocereus All 3 Species Dragonfruit Mixture

The packet you will receive contains 50+ seeds.

It’s an open pollinated mixture of the three main varieties currently available on the Australian mainland.
I’m way too lazy to write a whole new advert but it is now many years later and my collection is getting pretty massive. The seeds you get in this packet are a mix of everything below, along with a whole heap of purple,  pink, yellow, and white named varieties too. There will be at least half a dozen different varieties in the mix and only the best of the best make the cut.
If you want to see how I have been grafting them to shorten time to fruiting and speed growth then search “dragonfruit” on my Facebook Page. facebook.com/FairDinkumSeeds

They are as follows

“Hylocerous Coctaricensis/Polyrhizus”.

It’s the red skin with red flesh Costa Rica variety. Said to be the sweetest commercially available by most folks (Yellow isn’t commercial due to smaller size slower growth and most forms having large spines)

“Hylocerous Undatas”. It’s the striking red skinned white fleshed variety. The black seeds against the white flesh and red skin truly look stunning!

“Hylocerous Megalanthus/Selenicerous”. The extremely rare (in OZ) small often spiny yellow skinned and white fleshed Variety.

By far the best tasting, in our humble opinion, but far from common at this stage.

All three types of seed in a mixed packet, at least 50 seeds, and they are super easy to grow.

They make excellent potted plants, not requiring special care. Just sprinkle a couple seeds on each pot of loose rich potting mix, then water morning and night. Once they sprout in about a week or so, cut it back to about every second day. Once they have a true growing tip and not just 2 leaves cut it back to weekly or as needed. That’s it.

They do great on a windowsill inside or even better outside in full sun.

Interesting cactus that can be used for grafting other cacti onto or just as a feature plant in its own right.

Once they get a solid stem and a couple inches of growth, plant them outside in a sunny spot, next to a tree or post and feed regularly to harvest the top quality, unusual and delicious fruit!!!


NOT FOR WESTERN AUSTRALIA or TASMANIA due to added expense and drama involved.

If you decide to try and buy anyway, this item will not be sent. 🙂