Chain Fruit Native Holly Alyxia Ruscifolia Seeds


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Chain Fruit Native Holly Alyxia Ruscifolia Seeds

Packet of 15+ fresh seeds!

Attractive little shrub or small tree with beautiful, white, delicious smelling flowers, and a really interesting fruit.

The attractive but non-edible fruit often forms long chains like a necklace, hence its common name “chain fruit’.

It is also know by Prickly Alyxia, Alyxia pugioiformis, Alyxia ruscifolia var. pugioniformis, Alyxia ruscifolia var. ulicina, Alyxia ruscifolia var. ruscifolia, and just Alyxia Ruscifolia.

It’s a native to our local area and these seeds have been mostly wild harvested until ours get a bit more size to them and catch up with the demand.

They are a really hardly plant with a natural distribution ranging from way down south in Wollongong, the exposed rocky mountains of NSW, right up through the Tropics of Kuranda, Cairns, and even right up into parts of New Guinea.

Handles wind, frost, snow, tropical heat, flooding rains, and copes with drought really well too. We never both watering ours.

Not edible, but as an ornamental hedge it is pretty hard to beat and I get asked for seeds all the time by revegetation groups and overseas nurseries.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically(occasionally wild harvested too), no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!