Sneezeweed Centipeda Minima Herb Seeds


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Sneezeweed Centipeda Minima Herb Seeds

Packet of 100’s of teeny tiny little seeds!

This Australian native herb and ground cover is used extensively as a medicinal in SE Asia.
Normally applied as a poultice and used for inflammation and swelling of the joints, it is also used for skin conditions, tropical ulcers, and ring worm.

It’s main claim to fame is for its anti-allergenic properties, and for it’s ability to clear the sinus and reliably make you sneeze.
Was and still is an additive in some types of snuff for this reason.

If you grab a handful(fresh or dried) and rub it in your hands then take a whiff..
Your eyes get a little moist, and your sinus and nasal passages feel all cleaned out, kinda similar to the way breathing frying hot chillies does, but no pain or burning or anything like that.

It is common in Japan, Malaysia, China and Nepal, and dried herb is sold as a medicine in TCM stores all around Australia.
Bit silly really considering it is so common, and super easy to grow, and a native to here in Australia too.

On eBay whole dried chopped and/or powdered herb averaged $170-$300 a kilo last time I looked…

Most traditional medicine text books use the old name of Artemisia minima, and it is also occasionally called Artemisia orbicularis, Artemisia stemutatoria, Artemisia sternutatoria, Centipeda minuta, Centipeda orbicularis, chhikkani, chikkika, e pu shih ts’ao, e bu shi cao, ghrandukhahda, kashvakrit, krataai chan, mbakoan, mecheta, mueat lot, myriogyne minuta, pe kong chhau, qiu zi cao, qui zi cao, shih hu sui, shi hu sui, sneeze wort, spreading sneeze weed, spreading sneezeweed, tikshna, to-kin sou, t’ien hu sui, yaa krachaam among others.

We have heaps growing around our dam and it makes a decent lawn of sorts, even when it’s dusty dry like at the moment.
Super easy to grow, all you do is sprinkle on a fine sandy soil, water and wait a couple weeks.
Use a fine rose of watering can or misters when the plants are small as they are tiny and easy to damage.
Once they get as big as your thumb they are pretty much unstoppable.
It produces millions of seeds which will gradually fill any spaces or patches of bare soil provided you give them the odd water.

It’s a cool looking little ground cover plant, does great in pots, clears the sinus, bees love it, it’s native to Australia, and it is also a very very high value medicinal herb on the open market.
You really should buy a pack I reckon…

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!