Sceletium Tortuosum Kanna Canna Kougoed Seeds


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Sceletium Tortuosum Kanna Canna Kougoed Seeds

Packet of 12+ seeds!

World famous little succulent plant that I am very happy to finally have available.

It is a native to Africa and was traditionally used by the Khoisan and Hotentot “Bushmen” tribes to increase stamina, decrease thirst and appetite on long hunting journeys, as a medicine and even as a mild anesthetic during the removal of teeth. It was also used to elevate mood and in combination with other plants, induce visions.

There is currently a massive, multi-million dollar commercial industry in cultivation and harvest for use in modern anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs and I am sure folks folks have heard of it, at least in passing.

It is easy to grow, but germination can be slow and erratic due to the germination inhibiting chemicals the seeds naturally contain.

Some folks soak and rinse the seeds for several days before planting, some folks even soak them for weeks, which is a bit much in my opinion.

Some folks plant the seeds in pots and run water over them constantly until germination.

Some folks use a weak GA3 solution, less than >500ppm.

From what I can see most folks having trouble are growing them inside in lab like conditions, under lights, in a fairly constant temperature, which might be the cause of the problems I reckon?

Variations in temperature are important to kick start a lot of things, hot days, cool nights, variable light levels, that sort of thing. Nature has been doing this stuff for a while now, and I figure she knows best.

That’s why I never really bothered doing anything fancy with my plants, just using our standard sandy soil mix, normal pots sitting on the balcony and in the greenhouse, watering every second day or so. Took about a month for most to pop, a couple were up in a week or so, a couple didn’t come up until we go some rain.

Once they are up they are super hardy, and cutting are pretty easy.

There you have it folks, KANNA!
Only got a couple packs at the moment so better be quick!

Grown by me and the Mrs Organically, no chemicals, no nasties, no problems!!!