Rivea Corymbosa Christmas Vine Coaxihuitl Seeds


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Rivea Corymbosa Christmas Vine Coaxihuitl Seeds

Packet of 25+ seeds

Great coverage of brilliant white flowers, and a really crisp waxy leaf makes this fella a perfect option for an arbor, fence or trellis.

Super hardy and drought tolerant with no insect pests that we have noticed, and a nice deep taproot that draws soil moisture from a large area, meaning you never have to water them once established.

This can be a problem if it goes feral in the bush so keep an eye on it and don’t let it get out of hand. The flowers form in really large bouquets and these then turn into attractive bunches of seeds which can be easily clipped and removed. If you want to kill the seeds to prevent the plant spreading, just put the pods in a bucket of water and leave it for a week or so to make them germinate then rot, then onto the compost or as mulch around the garden. You could even just or burn them next time you have a BBQ.

Easy as.

These guys were home grown by me and the Mrs and were not washed to remove the shells. They were all hand winnowed and rubbed to remove the shells, and are fresh as can be.

Known to most of Mexico by its Nahuatl name Ololiúqui or Ololiuhqui which just means “round thing” and by the south eastern natives as Xtabentún in Mayan. Sometimes also called Turbina corymbosa.

It is a perennial climbing vine with white flowers, most often used as an ornamental. It is also common in Cuba, where it usually blooms from early December to February. Its flowers secrete copious amount of fragrant nectar, and the honey the bees make from it is very clear and aromatic. Widely considered one of the main honey plants on the island.

The seeds are also used traditionally by Mexican Shaman in order to gain knowledge in curing practices and rituals, as well as for finding the causes of illness.

These guys are not able to be exported due to their naturally high alkaloid content, and are also not available for WA or TAS Delivery.

Sorry international folks, can’t be done, so please don’t make me send a similar permitted substitute.


NOT FOR INTERNATIONAL EXPORT, WESTERN AUSTRALIA or TASMANIAN delivery due to added expense and drama involved.

If you decide to buy anyway, despite me politely asking you not to, I will NOT be sending this item and you will receive a substitution of my choosing. 🙂