Paw Paw Red Bisexual Papaw Carica Papaya Seeds


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Paw Paw Red Bisexual Papaw Carica Papaya Seeds

Really big Packet of 50+seeds!

Organically grown and harvested by me and the Mrs, here at home!

Apparently it was called “The fruit of the angels” by Christopher Columbus, and I can certainly see why!

This type is super sweet and quite big, with every tree producing bunches of sweet red fruit within three years, but more often than not, in just 18 months for the first couple from seed!

Really healthy fruit with Massive amounts of Vitamin C, High Folate, Zinc, Potassium, Magnesium and even Iron.

The seeds are edible too, and can be ground and used just like black pepper.

The added bonus with the seeds is, not only is the taste quite similar to black pepper, it also contains handy digestive enzymes, the main one being “Papain”, which tenderises meat and helps with Protein absorption!

Makes a cheap chuck as tender as fillet! Use the leaves like tinfoil for roasting, and they trap the moisture and again, tenderise the meat.

The Papain enzyme is used also for Beer clarification, in Cosmetics and even as an active ingredient in Cellulite creams and potions.

In some parts of SE Asia, the young leaves are eaten steamed too, but they are not to my taste…. They must use a better sauce than I did!

Traditionally a Papaya leaf tea used as a remedy for Malaria, and the fresh seed, crushed in the fingers and rubbed in mosquito bites, instantly stops the itch.

It really does! Used it often when wandering in the mangroves up north.

Well that’s it really?

Another great fruit for your collection.

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!