Psychotria Viridis Chacruna Seeds


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Psychotria Viridis Chacruna Seeds

Packet of 10+ seeds.

Pretty awe-inspiring plant this one.
Originally from the jungles of the amazon, now becoming quite popular all over the world due to it’s traditional use in Ayahuasca.

Lots of information about it all over the internet, and a million different seed propagation techniques. Most have an acid or peroxide treatment and a sterile growing medium, but I just put the seeds in dirt and water 4-5 days a week, with a couple dry days in between, and crossing my fingers.

Really exciting checking the little fellas of a morning and it’s kinda fun the germination times are a bit of an unpredictable mixture.

As soon as they start to come through the surface I cover the pot with a clear plastic bottle or lid to raise the humidity, and keep them much moister for at least a couple months. These guys are a bit of a long term investment and germination takes months, then hardening of takes another month or so. At any stage throughout that time root or fungal attack can kill them all so I look at these guys as an exciting gamble, that only sometimes pays off. If you want a guaranteed success, choose something easier.

With that in mind, I have a few packs of seeds I got from a mate. I do not have any spare leaves at the moment, but if I ever do I will have them in the website under “Psychotria”. If nothing comes up, then there is nothing currently available…